A Comprehensive Office Rent Price Analysis by Area


If you’re in the market for office space in Addis Ababa, understanding the landscape of rental rates is essential. To provide clarity, we’ve segmented the office market into three primary grades: Grade A (Premium), Grade B (Mid-Range), and Grade C (Economical). Each grade offers a distinct level of quality and is priced accordingly.

The data reveals substantial variations in average office rent across different areas within Addis Ababa.  Bole emerges as the area with the highest observed average office rent prices followed by Arada.

In Bole, the area known for its high-end offerings, rental rates are predictably at the upper end of the scale:

  • Grade A: 750 ETB/sq
  • Grade B: 614 ETB/sq
  • Grade C: 597 ETB/sq

Closely following Bole in rental pricing is the Arada area which exhibits noteworthy average office rent prices.

  • Grade A: 699 ETB/sq
  • Grade B: 602 ETB/sq
  • Grade C: 586 ETB/sq

For a detailed comparison of average rent prices across different areas in Addis Ababa, please refer to Figure 1. Whether you’re seeking luxury office accommodations or a more budget-conscious option, this analysis aims to simplify your decision-making process.


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