Office Space Costs in Addis Ababa: Detailed Guide for Late 2023



Renting office space in Addis Ababa? It’s essential to note that prices can fluctuate quite a bit based on where you’re looking. Factors like the office’s proximity to major business hubs, accessibility to transportation, and quality of the surrounding infrastructure all play a significant role in determining the cost.

Detailed Price Breakdown:

General Range: Office rental prices vary widely across the city. They can start as modestly as 350 ETB for every square meter, but in some prime spots, they can soar to as much as 2500 ETB per square meter.

Bole Area: Known for its bustling activities and prime location, Bole tops the list as the most expensive. Here, expect an average of 650 ETB per square meter. It’s a popular choice for businesses due to its vibrant ambiance and proximity to many amenities.

Other Prime Areas: Arada, Kirkos, Lideta, and Yeka are also sought-after areas for office spaces. Prices in these areas are slightly lower than Bole but still high, ranging from 580 to 600 ETB per square meter. These regions boast a mix of modernity and tradition, offering a unique business environment.

Budget-friendly Options: If you’re looking to save on rental costs, consider areas like Nifas Silk Lafto and Akaki Kality. These neighborhoods are known for their more affordable rates, averaging at 460 and 370 ETB per square meter, respectively. While they might be a bit further from the main business districts, they provide a calm and less hectic environment.

Visual Overview:

For those who prefer a visual perspective, the upcoming map provides an easy-to-understand overview of office space costs throughout Addis Ababa. The color-coded regions help quickly identify the pricier areas from the more affordable ones. This visual guide aims to help businesses and individuals make informed decisions based on their budget and desired location.

Final Thoughts:

When choosing an office space in Addis Ababa, it’s not just about the price. Consider the vibe of the area, the facilities around, and the convenience it offers to both staff and clients. By balancing cost with other factors, you’ll find the perfect spot for your business needs in this vibrant city.


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